A great Opportunity

Today we all have a great opportunity for celebration.

In fact, every day is an opportunity.

Today we all have a great opportunity to worry, to suffer, to feel powerless.

In fact, every day is an opportunity.

But you know, there is just one thing that is not going to change. Whether we choose anger or hope, sadness or joy, desperation or happiness, time will always keep moving.

Time will always pass. You can ask anyone who is a little older than you. They will tell you.

The question is, how do we want to live?

I am writing this after hearing a very sad notice, something totally unexpected for me. A great man to whom I really felt close to passed away on November. He was, without a doubt, one of the most inspirational, magnificent, impressive people this world has ever known. Just thinking about him put me in a very good mood. He was wonderful. Always radiant, bright, happy to be alive.

That incident took me to another day of November. Just the day before, my cat made his transition. He was like my baby. I still remember how dramatic it was for me.

And so, this event serves us very well to realize that things just happen, we can’t stop them from happening. But still we have a really important decision to make every day of our lives, (remember?)

How do we want to live?

In my way back home, I decided that this won’t stop me from feeling good. I know if I feel bad, even for just one topic, that vibration will quickly became my dominate vibration, and it has the potential to ruin my day, and even to screw up my entire week! I’m not willing to allow that. You either.

So, I decided two things. First, when I arrive home I would share this experience with you, to remember that our Power is in our Now, and that we can transform anything into something bigger and better, no matter what.

Yes, no matter what.

Second, I’ve decided to apply myself and solve this issue, whatever it takes. I would find ways of feeling better. I would make as many exercises as needed, I would do the vibrational work, I would not stop until I feel good while thinking about Jerry.

So, I did. I now feel much better than 2 hours ago, and will continue to work on this. I understand now more clearly the process of Life, and feel so much appreciation for the time shared with Jerry.

This issue has taken me to an entire new place in the understanding of what Life is. I’ve transformed something dramatic into something bigger and better. You can do it, too.

So, back to the idea:

There are millions of situations and conditions that, if you pay attention, can deprive yourself from the Goodness that is waiting for you. War, poverty, death, and so much more.

There are millions of situations and conditions that, if you pay attention, can take you to the highest, most delicious state of being. Freedom, abundance, health, brotherhood, and so much more.

The time spent on looking to one thing or another is just the same. But there is a HUGE difference in what the quality of your life will be. If you will follow the path of negativity, you will feel tremendously diminished, and the quality of your experience will be miserable. 

But if you follow the path of thinking positively, you will feel waves of tremendous, never-ending joy and happiness.

Because remember:

Life is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to. If it is not, something is wrong.

So, follow your bliss. When something bad happens, take your time, cry if necessary. Then, leave it at that. Move forward. Find ways to feel good. I assure you, you’ll find them.

Be part of the Change.

Remember, today is a great opportunity for Celebration 😉



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