A great product

Imagine that you are a great professional manufacturer. You are creating a very important product, you put a lot of energy in it, and it consumes a big portion of your time and effort.

You have invested not only your time, but a great deal of money in it, because you think and feel it is worth it. You have prepared yourself diligently to this task, learned for hours, developed skills that are critical to create this marvelous product, and even hired other people to help you develop this creation.

Also, not only that, but this thing you are creating is really useful. It serves very well to the purpose for which it has been created; it solves problems in a very precise way. It is just perfect.

When finished, how would you price it? Remember, you have invested time, effort, have developed skills, also taken risks. What would be the price for something marvelous able to solve the problems a lot of people have?

What is your time worth? What is your effort worth? How many people, time and resources would have to be invested in order to create this same product that you are offering?

This is not a matter of pricing. To consider it as just a matter of pricing is too simplistic. What it really is, -listen this-, is a matter of mindset, or prosperity consciousness.

If you put all your heart and effort in something and then you sell it almost free of charge, you have a problem, and you better look for solutions.

And, here is the thing: it has a deep correlation with your sense of self-esteem.

By the way, your self-esteem has nothing to do with the market, but only with the beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind.

Think about it.

Now, the other part of the idea: if you were the customer, how much would you pay for it?

We don’t use to willingly accept the given price of any product or service. We tend to question it, because there is something we are missing. We don’t know all the things needed to the conclusion of the product or service that we want to purchase or acquire.

And, most important, there is also in this situation a lack of self-esteem. Why do I say that?

Because there are some beliefs going on telling us that the sellers or the providers of the service are trying to take advantage of us.

It is a defensive attitude, and has nothing to do with other people, but with our self-esteem.

So, how are you pricing your creations? And what is the mental process you make when buying a product or service?

Could you improve your self-esteem?

Go for it,



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