About Perception

Life is all about perception, and I really love that. So come with me and share some thoughts around this topic.

I love perception and how it works, it’s so interesting. I love it because it gives us multiple options all day, every day, every single time. I love it because once we understand how it works it gives us a unique sense of freedom that would be impossible to reach if there were no opportunities to look at things in different ways.

I love it because it makes us free to live the life we want to live.

There is something more about perception. Without perception creativity could not exist. They are always playing together in the same arena.

Let’s talk about practical things. So imagine that you walk down the street and see two men working in a building. It is very hot, the sun is right under their heads. They are working hard and it seems like they’ve been there for many many hours. It is logical to think they are tired, and since they are not wearing appropriate clothes, you feel bad for them.

What you’ve done here? You’ve made a decision about what to think about this situation and therefore, how to feel about it. Perception has taken place.

Things are just what they are. They just are. We are the interpreters of them, so we decide what they mean to us.

These two men should have never worked there if the decision was up to you. And you have very powerful reasons to decide that way, don’t you?

So, I’ll tell you what they think. Ready?

They are really proud of their job, with the sun over their heads. They love doing what they do, and are always looking for this kind of jobs. They feel comfortable wearing those very jeans and shoes that you feel sorry for, and the amount of money they earn is a lot for them.

This is what they see about their job. Perception has taken place one more time, but in this case, it has served them very well.

The same process occurs in every situation, big or small, important or irrelevant.

So, you have to decide. If you choose to think that life is just what is (two men working in a building is just two men working in a building), and therefore you can choose what to think about it, you are free.

But if you think that life has one single meaning only and that the whole planet must think the same as you, you are in big trouble, and no question you’ll suffer a lot.

No question.

So, how do you perceive the world around you? And how do you perceive you?

Remember these two men in the building. Be smart like them.

Have a great week,



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