An Easy Way to Find Solutions

Some days ago we were discussing how problems continue to come to us. I said that they do so because we “call them home”, meaning, the more we think about them and, even more important, the more we worry about them, the more we create a bond with them. So, they feel really “comfortable” around us, and continue to visit us.

This is really how it is. We all are vibrational beings. Everything in this world vibrates, and that includes me, you and your problems.

Nowadays there are devices able to analyze each thought and, very accurately, define what the exact frequency of every given thought is.

Yes, I’m not making this up.

So, when you vibrate like a problem, the problem come to you every day, until you stop vibrating like them.

It requires practice, but is absolutely doable.

So, it is not important how many problems you have, it is not important how long you’ve been experiencing them, or how dramatic you think they are. Hear this:

There is a solution.

Even the worst thing in the world has a solution. You don’t know it yet because you are so worried about that, that you can not find it. It is there, but you cannot see it.

But it is there, right before your eyes.

But because you are not vibrating like the solution, you are not able to find it.

In other words, if you are focused 24 hours a day in a problem, you are focused in a problem, not a solution. (You vibrate like the problem). It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But in a daily basis it can get really confuse because, let’s say it, it is so easy to think in all of the bad things that are happening, and it is so hard to focus in a way out of them.

Now, having said this, let’s take a step further. We are not talking about little things here, but about the tremendous difference between living a life full of joy and fulfillment and living one of sadness and misery!

Yes, this is important stuff. Stay tuned.

So, let’s see what we can do with our “problems”. This is an “Easy 4-Steps Formula to Find Solutions”. Or another way of say it is, it is an Easy 4-Steps Formula to stop vibrating like the problems (and in doing so, continue to attract them), and start vibrating like the solutions, and start attracting them.

This “system” is simple, and it doesn’t require any advanced knowledge in any field.


Step 1) From today on, focus on solutions for one particular problem every day. Make your “List of Solutions”.

Even if the solution that comes to your mind sounds odd, write it down. Maybe all the solutions, especially if the problem is big, seem to be a lot of nonsense, but do it anyway. You will eventually find a solution, and then another, and another. I promise you.

Step 2) Don’t look for the perfect solution, it will never come.  Perfect solutions don’t exist as we know them. Just keep looking, and when the right solutions download into your head, you will feel it. You will know it.

Step 3) Now, give to each one of them enough time to become a whole concept. You see, every solution is a simple and seemingly insignificant idea at the beginning, just like the million dollars ideas are. It takes a bit of time to find resonance with those little ideas. So do it.

Step 4)Then, act. Trust that you’ve found the perfect path, and move four feet!

If you trust that you are in the “correct path”, and take action, you’ll be amazed at the outcomes that have been waiting for your arrival.

Follow this formula each time you are facing a problem. Then, look for your own methods to find solutions. Create them. Just as the solutions, they will come.

Got it? Now go get it!

On the journey,



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