How do you think?

Let’s talk about mass media and our thinking. Did you know that they both have an absolute interdependency?

Yes, they have.

And why is this so important for us to consider?

Because we are very likely to think like the masses think. And the masses are very likely to think like the mass media program them to think.

So, as mass media is penetrating the way of thinking of the masses, is contributing in a very strong way to mold our thinking.

If that is so, (and I assure you, it is), mass media is always molding our beliefs about an enormous variety of things.

These things include what is “good” and “bad”, how thinks in our country are going, how much money we should expect to earn, how we should react in all kinds of situations (for example, how we should react when an injustice takes place, or when the government creates new laws), what kind of products we should buy (or shouldn’t), at what age we should get married, get pregnant, graduate; how many times we are supposed to get divorced, what are the things we must do in order to be happy, and thousands of etceteras more.

Interesting, right?

You may be thinking this is not true, just a lot of nonsense. But you see, it is not necessary to say directly that you should think that or that in order to mold your beliefs. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If they tell you directly how you are supposed to think, you are not likely to think that way.

That’s when subliminal messages come in.

A great deal of what you watch, listen to and read is all about molding your thinking! And it is all about subliminal programming.

Now, what’s my point in this? If mass media made important contribution to our mindset, I would be writing this post to congratulate them for doing so, and encouraging you to pay attention to reports, watch lots of commercials and spend time watching tv.

But that’s not the case. Mass Media is one of the most lack-programming sources existing. Ever.

I know, I know… there are a lot of things showing up on television and broadcasting out there that are very, very funny or extremely interesting and rewarding. I’m not saying that you should live inside a cavern with no electricity.

I’m just inviting you to think about what you do with the information you receive from these sources or any other. 

Just because a robbery is showing up every day in the “breaking news” it doesn’t mean that we all are going to be in one of them.

If you take everything for granted, you are not thinking. They are thinking for you. That’s not a good plan for being successful in life.

Don’t accept any information from any source as it is, including me. Apply critical thinking. Use your mind. Create your own reality.

So, what did you watch or read today? What did that particular event make you think, believe and feel?

And what do you think about it?

Go for it!



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