Sex bomb

There are so many artists and marvellous people that had shared their talents with lots of generations. Musicians, artists, and so on.

For example, Tom Jones. How old was Tom Jones at the time of Sex Bomb? I’ll tell you. He was “old” by the eyes of our culture. No way can he be successful nowadays; we are always expecting to see a teenager or at least a young person, right? We allow Madonna to be our Queen, but only because she started her career in her twenties.

A lot of people cannot even begin to think about doing what they love to do. It happens not only in music, but in every field you can think of.

It is all about a belief -a very strong one- that says you can not be successful unless you are like the other people successful in your field. So you look at successful people in your field and discover that they are very different than you and…

You do the “smart” thing, you give up. You say “there is no way I can be successful, I don’t have what they have; I can’t do it. I better look for something reachable for me…

Maybe I should be a doctor.”

This way of thinking is very common and includes thousands of categories of people: thin, fat, rich, poor, tall, small, old, young, specialized, generalist, heterosexual, homosexual, educated, uneducated, religious, atheist, black, white, blond, beautiful, ugly, and on and on we go.

That’s why so many people need therapy. If you don’t go for your dreams, you end up in therapy.

Ok, let me tell you something. Your success has nothing to do with what anyone else is doing or thinking, but only with what you are doing and thinking.

Do you know why big companies are not hiring 60-years-old managers? Because they don’t present themselves in interviews! A lot of companies will be more than pleased to have an expert providing such an incredible experience.

The same happens with all of the fields that you can think of. Do you really think people will not listen to your music because you are white or black? think one more time.

I know, “reality”, what you see with your eyes, is not as exciting as you would like it to be. But there is so much more than what you see with your eyes, I promise you. But you will never “see” the evidence while you argue for your limitations.

It is time to awaken. So go do whatever you want to do, produce, create, sing, paint, act, design, provide, etc. Do it, no matter what. The path will be shown to you.

I love you. Live big.



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