So what?

Hi all,

A very close friend of mine is coming to visit me next week. She should have a lot of amazing things to tell me, I was thinking these last days. She is wonderful and I always expect the best from her.

So I’ve been feeling a little disappointed because I was expecting to tell her a lot of great things I was going to do, and the fact is, I haven’t done them yet! I have so much to do, many many projects, on and on and on, and when it comes to act, I just feel overwhelmed because I want to do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g at the same time. The thing is, we haven’t seen each other since 2010, and I really wanted to tell her that I was doing great.

I procrastinate in many cases. And I’m sure you also have those “little things” you want to get rid of going on, but you haven’t yet.

So, this way we arrive to the conclusion that we are not perfect. Ka-boom.

So what?

We are not “perfect” as we think we should be, we are not as successful as many others who have found the way not to behave the way we behave, we don’t do this thing so amazingly as she does or as he does, and on we go…

So what? Everything in this world is a process, and people who don’t procrastinate today are people who did it in the past and found a way out of it, and people who are so damn successful today is because they have traveled a long long way, and you know what?

They are still learning. And so do us. Everyone does. And it is not just normal, but necessary.

Don’t feel bad if you realize you are not where you want to go… that’s normal. You are not there because there is a journey. That’s why you want to go, because you are not there!

The fun is on the journey, remember? Life would be so boring if everything was “perfect”. It just can not be. We need drama, friends!

Take every “missing piece” as a challenge, as a way to find great adventures. Have fun with it. There are so many things to do in order to reach the next level. Pick one, try it a little bit, enjoy it. Then choose another one. Have fun with it. Even it is something seemingly meaningless, make it a great adventure! Fun comes with those little things, like learning how not to be a procrastinator, learning new ways of taking the bus to be on time… you get the idea.

Remember, so what?



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