Time for visionaries

Would you like to contribute to the goodness of the World? Would you like to be part of the change?

Sometimes it sounds like an impossible task, because most part of the population is saying that we are going to explode some day soon, or get sunk, or that something very, very critical is going to happen. So, it sounds like we don’t have time to “fix” anything.

There is an interesting website called Pick a Year btw, it shows all of the dates and years when the world was supposed to be ending.

Did it end? No. Go take a look. 

So, the thing is, if you think that going against the bad things going on is the correct way of approaching life, there is something you must know: it is not.

And there is something more you must know:

You have the Power to influence the world, to create resources from which all of us will get benefit from, to really change things.

But if you focus your attention on what is “broken”, you will never be the visionary you must be in order to change the World.

The World is getting better, and needs a lot of visionaries to see it as it really is.

Protests –created by the reactive part of our mind- never generate huge results. It is the creative part of our mind that creates them.

And, there is another very important thing to point out here: any situation you choose to focus upon vibrates, and when you focus upon them (whether you choose poverty or abundance, health or sickness, etc) you vibrate like it, and start attracting or creating situations like that.

So, what would you like to contribute to? What would you like to be bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful?

The world is full of people that just observe and go against things and worry, creating more of that very thing they don’t want. War against war creates more war.

So, do the smart thing. Look for things that are pleasing to you. Look for things that you want to experience. Look for things that you want the world to experience. Contribute to them. Support them. Talk about them. Write about them. Share them with others. Celebrate them.

Be the visionary we all need you to be.

Have a great week,



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