Who are you?

If someone asked you the simple question, “who are you?”, what would be your answer?

There are some answers that almost everybody feels comfortable with. We’ll take a look at them.

So, first answer, “I am (your name)”. For example: I am Leila, I am John, or I’m Kate. That’s who I am”.

Are you a name? Is this who you are? I know that when you present yourself to others with your name, you are trying to represent others things, in a personal way. But the point is, you have presented yourself as a name.

So, are you a name?

No, you are not.

Second answer coming to a lot of minds right now (I can hear you guys): “I am (your occupation or profession)”. For example, I am a doctor, I am a nurse, or I am a PR Manager. That’s who I am”.

Are you an occupation, are you a profession? Is this who you are? Of course, you are a doctor or an artist, but that’s who you are?

So, you have presented yourself as an occupation, a profession, a position.

So, are you a position at work?

No, you are not.

Third answer: “I am (your social position). For example, I am John’s mother, Leila’s brother, Kate’s boyfriend. That’s who I am”

Are you a social position? That’s who you are?

No, you are not.

So, there are other answers like “I am Christian”, “I am a model”, “I am rich”, “I am poor”, etc. But all the answers you could think of are related to Category A (a name), Category B (occupation, profession, position at work), and Category C (a social position).

Now that we have covered all of these options, I’d like to ask you: who are you?

Who you really are?

This question takes us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and Life. If I am not my name, nor my position at work, nor my social position, who am I?

What’s next? What your next answer will be?



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