Seeking Enlightenment

Do you feel close to God?

You know, I don’t belong to any organized religion, although there are certain things I can say about this field.

For example, I can assure you Enlightenment can be achieved without any religious group or any priest of any kind. Not one ever.

Maybe you are thinking that you are not seeking Enlightenment at all, and that is ok. I choose to refer to “Enlightenment” as the natural human awareness of something bigger, as a visceral seeking of a higher understanding of Life and ourselves. If you are in a church, it could be possible that you are not trying to become a Master or a Messenger, but if you are looking for Connection with God, for me that means that you want at least some level of Enlightenment, and in that case, this is the perfect post for you 😉

Now, what is Enlightenment? Good question. This is a question that stills successfully calling the attention of millions of souls all around the world. I think that Enlightenment means feel close to God (Infinite Intelligence, Energy, Tao, Krisna, Spirit, Chaos, Universe, Aether, however you want to call it), to our Soul. For me is the discovering of the Power of Creation vibrating inside of us.

That’s my concept and it can very well be erroneous, but since nobody has the truth, the only concept important for me is my own concept. The same goes for you. Create your own if you don’t have one yet. The thing is this:

If you’ve joined the religious world, you did that because you had a powerful desire for a deeper understanding of Life and, certainly, you wanted to feel better, whatever that meant for you.

And here is my question: Do you feel better now that you are there?

I’ll tell you something, but don’t tell anybody. There is something that is forgotten or even forbidden in the religious world and that is an enormous true that works like magic in most cases when it comes to live spiritual lives:

If you are close to God, you are close to who you are. You are close to you.

You love yourself. You are happy, excited, elated.

A huge, huge number of people will say to you that this is not true. They will say that Enlightenment (or connection with God) means sacrifice, hard work, shame, or that means a total, absolute and complete withdrawing of attention from here in almost all levels. There are also others who will say to you that what enlightenment really means is something so big and so sacred that is almost impossible for a person who is not “in the path” to understand… and reach.

But I tell you, if you are close to God, you are true to yourself. You are in those states of being that includes happiness, joy and satisfaction.

As you can see, I think quite the opposite of all of these people. I am sure Love is at the basis of all things, at the basis of all that exists, at the basis of you, me, your priest and the rainbows. I think God (or however you want to call this Infinite Intelligence) is Love, and so are you. And, if Enlightenment means to be close to God, then what follows is that you must be close to Love. Because Love is God and God is Love. There is no separation.

So, in order to be Enlighten, you must love yourself. You must be happy. How could you be Enlighten and not love yourself at the same time? How is it possible to be close to God and live a life of misery at the same time?

Good question.

So, if you want to serve God, if you’d like to fulfil your reason for being, or if you’d like to enhance your Connection, there are just four simple things you have to do:

1)  be happy,

2)  have fun,

3)  enjoy yourself,

4)  enjoy Life.

Years and years of studying sacred words could not give you this beautiful treasure.

God is inside of you, not somewhere hidden in a book or fifty thousand feet in the sky.

So, are you close to God? Are you close to you?



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