Pleasing yourself

Are you living your life at your own terms? Are you happy to be alive?

If you are a child, you certainly do. But if you are an adult… you are not so likely to.

Let’s take a look at the little ones first. Children know their value, because no one has diminished them in an emphatic enough way as to convince them that they are not enough. Yet.

So they love themselves, they are just happy to be alive. They don’t even begin to think the thoughts we, as adults, think. That’s why they are happy. No question about that.

But adults are a different scenario. Why? Because we’ve been trained to think we are not enough, so we think the only way for us in order to receive (love, money, freedom, a hug, whatever we want to receive) is to behave in a certain way. Usually getting far from who we are in order to please others.

That’s what happen when you’ve been in Planet Earth for a couple of years without questioning how things work. You lose your own alignment with you.

You see, what happen is we’ve been trained to please others, getting away from our own Happiness, so much so that we begin to think that feeling bad and frustrated is normal… and therefore, we think that children (happy little humans enjoying life) are the ones who are out of balance, that something is wrong with them, when the real reality is that we are the ones who have willingly decided to do things we don’t want to do in order to get approval, separating ourselves from our true Power.

Then, after years and years of practicing the Art of Pleasing Others, we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, and we notice that children do… and now… we are angry with them because they are happy and we are not!

Read it again.

And then, the most interesting thing of all occurs… we don’t feel good when trying to please others, but we teach that same behaviour to our children anyway. We can’t feel good this way, but maybe… they will. It is not useful for us, but maybe… it will work for them.

So we start to teach them this magical formula of pleasing others and we say… do this in order to please me. Do that in order to please me.

Don’t get angry when I tell you how you should feel about you and your own world, we say.

Don’t hate me when I decide on your behalf without even asking you. I do it because I love you, and I want the best for you.

I tell you that you shouldn’t do that thing you love because I love you, and if you loved me, you’d please me.

If you loved me, you’d please me. It becomes a mantra.

Wow. Now they are learning what we’ve learned, so they as adults feel exactly as we do. They please others… They are now unhappy… Then they teach the same to their children… and the game starts once more. Interesting, isn’t it?

I know that you do certain things because you love your kids. But the biggest gift of all is True Freedom, and the only way for you to encourage True Freedom to the new generations is by letting them return to their own Power, to live life at their own terms.

I would love to see new generations discovering their own Power, but that’s my wish not only for them, but for you. Never is too late. So go for your dreams. Stop trying to please others.

Please yourself, that is enough.

I love you.



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