When there is nothing left

This post could be very shaking for you. Are you ready? I hope so.

Let’s begin with the Question of the Day. What do you do when you don’t have enough of something?

Very simple question, very simple answer: You get it.

Everyone knows what to do in order to “get it”, right? If money is not enough, find another job. If the refrigerator is empty off to the grocery store you go.

When something is not enough, we, as humans, do whatever we can and use whatever is in our proximity (or not) to get what we need. Sometimes we do incredible things in order to get what we want, even very uncomfortable things.

So now, what do you do when you are hopeless?

Yes, the answer is: You go find more hope!

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. There are no stores with hope supplies and this kind of non-physical stuff. Things like happiness, hope, freedom and faith are not available in stores. Yet. (You never know… there are several pills out there in the market. It is said that they can take you away from depression and other issues of life at a very reasonable price).

You never know, but until the glorious moment comes… you are right. You cannot buy hope from anywhere.

Now, that means you are justified in your hopelessness?

Absolutely not. If you are hopeless, you go find some way somehow to feel hopeful.

It is interesting how we are willing to do a lot of things to get what we want, although we are not willing to take the time to feel better.

It is complicated sometimes, I give you that one. But unless you create positive feelings for yourself, you’ll live a life of misery. And that’s not a good way to live, don’t you think?

I’m certain Thomas Edison felt hopeless at some point of his work. Can you imagine him saying “God, unless you give me a store to buy some hope, I’m out of business so please make it happen. Amen.”

Maybe he said that, but nothing happened and still he continued his work. Why? because he knew it was the only way to succeed.

He was able to create hope and faith and eventually, success. That means that we can do it, too.

And, (this is the most exhilarating part of this), if we can create emotions like hope or faith, we can create a n y t h i n g in life. We can be all we want to be, do all we want to do, far beyond the Moon.

So, what will you do next time you feel hopeless?

On the journey,



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