Do you like money?

I’d like to return to our last topic (An easy way to buy Happiness), to clarify a point that connects to another that is critical to your success.

In the last post I said “money doesn’t buy happiness”, and I stopped there, so you could be thinking that I’m against money and people who have or want money.

Well, that cannot be further from the truth. I am an Expert in Financial Success. I help people reach levels of income that are just a dream to thousands of people.

So here is the thing:

I think that money cannot buy happiness more than a friend or a lover or whatever thing you could think of can. If happiness doesn’t flow from the inside out, there is nothing in this Universe that can take us to feel happy, money included.

But it doesn’t mean that money is not important. It is important, and it is a good thing that you want to achieve it.

I know it is a hard topic to talk about, and it is ok if you don’t agree with me, all I ask you is that you stay with me a little more. See if I can offer you a new perspective. If not, just leave it at that. I love you anyway.

So let’s continue. If you don’t like money, it is perfect. Don’t. I won’t ask you to. But do you know why you are against money and against people that have money? Have you ever wonder why?

You are against money because you’ve been filling your mind with thoughts that are against money. Some of them yours, but mostly other’s.

You know, the politic world is full of negative messages about money, as well as the religious world, mass media, government, friends, parents, teachers, doctors, movies, books, mythology and on we go. And you listen to all of these detrimental messages through all your life.

Since you are born, to be more accurate.

There are just a few places where you will feel comfortable talking about money without being criticized or left behind.

These messages are a part of our consciousness and are so hidden in our subconscious mind that we don’t even realize they are there.

And apart from that, through your life you’ve been exposed to hundreds of situations that made you feel uncomfortable so then, unconsciously, you developed a belief that says money is a bad thing.

Here are some examples. Maybe you grew up in a family where money was not enough, so everything was hard for you and the people you loved. Or someday you saw a man struggling in the street, asking for money. Or perhaps you were introduced by the tv to the poverty of a certain country. Or you heard your grandpa saying “we are not rich, but at least we are honest”. Or all of that, plus a lot more.

So you made a correlation between those situations and money, and you arrived to the conclusion that money creates lack and struggle, and that is not a good thing to want to have or enjoy money.

The thing is, money doesn’t create lack. It is the absence of money what creates lack.

It is not that there is just a certain amount of money available in this world so when someone takes his piece of the pie another is not getting their piece. Money is not like that at all. Have you noticed that market always gets bigger? New products are showing up, new industries, more people coming in… and the market continues to expand! therefore money continues to be created to satisfy more needs. Every time.

Money is used to create fear, yes. Money is also used to support vandalism, and help immoral people to achieve what they want.

But this is just one part of the picture. Money pays bills and salaries of honest men and women. Money helps good people to provide food for children and adults that don’t have anything to eat. Money allows doctors to develop pharmacs to cure sickness. Money creates new jobs, expands markets, develops new technologies, contributes to expand our understanding and commitment with the ecology of our Planet, and thousand of etceteras more.

So, I think it is not about money, but about people. Some people use it to create good, while others use it to create struggle.

Think about it this week. Critical thinking is never a waste of time.

I think that money is important. Financial success is nothing more than Abundance showing itself to you. And do you know what?

Abundance is your birthright, and you don’t deserve anything less than that.

Go get your piece of the pie.

I love you,



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