Let your dreams come true

It’s my time to play the game again. So here I am, writing to simply satisfy my own pleasure and of course for you, to inspire you. Because you are special. You know that, don’t you? 😉

I’ve moved forward in a few subjects in the last couple of months, as some things happened in my life. I always love when I have the opportunity to modify and expand my perspective. And these little things did a very good job! So, as a result of all that I’ve lived, I now want to expand my work. I want to make it in a better, greater, different way, more powerful than ever.

So, since I really enjoy challenging my clients to reach places where they have never been before, I’ll continue my work as a Mentor in Financial Success and Business.
I’ve decided to take a dream I’ve been procrastinating for many years and bring it to fruition. It’s a dream so big, so compelling that it was impossible for me to lower down, even when I tried it hard, for many reasons.

So this is it. I am happy to announce to you and to everyone that I’m creating a magazine. It’s not a mere magazine, but it is the culmination of all that I know, feel, and of all that I am. It has harnessing power. It will have powerful content, and am certain that in time it will be one of the most influential magazines in the industry of motion-forward, personal empowerment world. I promise.

Now, in order to make my dream come true, I have a lot of work to do. I mean, a lot. It will be amazing and complicated at the same time, as there will be a lot of things to do, manage, learn, organize, and think about.
But… it will be a LOT of fun! It’s been a lot of fun already.

So this is a post about me and my dream, but it’s also a calling for you, because this blog is a place designed to inspire you and support you in your never-ending path, so you can be more aware of your own Grace, remember? So here is my question:

Do you have a dream? If so, are you making it happen, taking the necessary action, moving forward for the completion of that which is your legacy?

If your answer is no, it’s time to think about your dreams, dear!
You see, your dreams are not only dreams. They are your reason for being, at least they are an important part of it.

You want a good reason to go for your dreams? Ok. First, your life will get an extraordinary benefit. Yes, I said extraordinary. Because you can buy a beautiful brand new car maybe two, travel around the world, and be thankful every single morning for your children, but if your dreams are not a part of your life, guess what?
Exactly. Your life is incomplete.
Even more than that. It is not that your life is incomplete, YOU are incomplete. And that’s just so, so sad. Being incomplete feels like a little hole in your soul, sometimes bigger than others. It can even make you feel miserable, and that’s not a nice way to live.

Second, not only your life will be better, and not only you’ll feel whole, but the people in your life, the people you care about will get the benefit of your growth and expansion. They will know that they can make their dreams come true. They’ll feel inspired. They’ll feel motivated, they’ll want to tell everyone about you and about their dreams. How important is that!
And our third reason is…
Your work. Yes, our third reason is your homework. Don’t let others think for you, you can very well do it by yourself! So go think about others reasons to make your dreams come true.

Remember, if you have a dream, there is a lot ahead for you. It can be quite time consuming, but it also means 3 important things:
and Alignment with who you are.

In other words, you’ll experience more Life, and life in a new, astonishing, meaningful way.

What are you waiting for? My magazine will be on scene and ready to go by a specific date. I hope the same for you.

So, what is your dream? How can you make it happen?

Life is supposed to be fun, enjoy it!



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