Do you really want to be happy all the time?

Happy Friday! This is the Question of the day:

Do you really want to be happy all the time?

Let’s begin with other question. What do you do when something unwanted and unexpected happens?

I think it’s a interesting question, because it doesn’t matter how advanced in the path of Enlightenment you are, or how many degrees in Crisis Management you have, when something happens and you don’t expected it… bam! You’ve got to deal with it. Even Spiritual Masters that you could be very well following have to deal with “the unexpected unwanted”, (and most frequently than you think).

There are 2 ways of dealing with uncomfortable situations. The Passive way includes activities like sleeping, or try not to think about it. The other, the Reactive way, is more action-oriented. i.e yelling at walls, calling a friend, taking a walk, driving, writing… even crying. I’m sure you’ve tried at least one of them, probably many. Me too.

Now, I wanted to talk about this in a different way. Let’s go beyond the common place where all people are fixated on. People get fixated on trying to avoid the bad feeling generated by uncomfortable situations… and that’s it. No more thought to that topic. So the faster people get rid of the bad feeling, the “happier” they are, until another “bad thing” happens, and on we go.

But let’s do a little effort to understand this whole thing. So, we all (and that includes Spiritual Masters) go through different situations that make us feel bad. But why is it, really, that generates the bad feeling? Where do the bad feelings come from?

Here is the answer: bad emotions are our indicator that we’ve been separated from who we are.

Remember that we are all energy vibrating at a given frequency, so the higher is your frequency, the closer you are to your “ideal” State of Being. If the separation between these two frequencies is big, you just can’t handle it. It just feels excruciating.

And to look at it this way provides a very different perspective. It is more profound that just talking about emotions and reactions.

Now, let’s take a look at the next question:

If Life wouldn’t cause you to feel bad, why would you try to avoid any situation? You wouldn’t because there would be no reason to do that. You would always feel good, so, no reason to go to a therapist, or cry, or buy a lot of things to bring home.

In other words you say… Life would be so amazing! Life would be like living in Heaven.

But wait! in fact, it wouldn’t be that amazing. With no reasons to ask for more, (which happens always as a result of the “bad” situations of life), life would be not only boring, but meaningless. Imagine a society where there is no reason to want more, to expand, where everything, no matter what is, produces exactly the same sensations for you, so no matter what you see or do or anyone does… you are contended, therefore you don’t feel the need to go for more.

The world would not be motivated to do anything at all and…

Expansion would cease to be.

We need unexpected things to happen in our lives, in order to define more clearly what we want and go for it. We need contrast. And we need emotions to know what we need to change!

What we don’t need is to be fixated on bad emotions. That is what makes you sick, that is what makes you feel uncomfortable, or sad, or frustrated. That is what you don’t want.

That’s the key.

You know, you dont really want to be happy all the time. Thats not what you want, believe me. What you really want is to feel good, explore contrast, feel a little bad when something happen that you dont want, and then reach again for that very thing that the last situation made you ask for. Thats what you want.

So here is my advice for you. Embrace the unexpected situations of your life, even when they make you feel bad. Well-being is so profound, that it is present even in the worst situations.

But be smart: Don’t think about it too long. Don’t get fixated. Look at it as what is: another experience that Life brings to you, as an opportunity for expansion.

Now that you’ve been through all of this sadness or whatever bad feeling you’ve experienced, now and only now you know with more precision than ever before what is the kind of life that you want…

Now, and only know, you can go for it.

So, what to do you when something unexpected happens? And what is this situation making you ask for?

Go for it my friend 🙂



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