The important people in your life

Hi there!, I’ve been thinking about a couple of things related to Relationships these days, and I thought it would be a great idea to discuss the topic here. (It can throw you out of bed! so be careful while reading 😉 )

The Question of the Day is:

Do you have good relationships in your life?

I think it is a question of extreme importance. There is so, so many people out there trying to be successful, trying to reach their dreams, trying to be happy, trying to do their best, and yet they are only repeating the same results over and over again, year after year after year. And you’ll be surprised to know the reason: they are failing (temporally, of course) not because of the economy, and not because of the market or their competitors, but because of the relationships in their lives.  

Surprised? Maybe not. Anyway, I can’t even begin to describe the limitation of a life with poor relationships.

Want an example? Here is where all this post began. The other day I was having a little chat with someone, and they said to me, “I was told that I was ambitious”. So I asked why, and the answer was just too much for me that day.

“They said that because I told them I wanted to have more money”.

You know, I work in the arena of Personal Empowerment, so I’m custom to hear a lot of things related to lack of self-esteem, fear of failure or success, and so on. And even more custom I am to listen to all kind of things about money. People are just so angry about the whole topic of money! You can see people angry about money in college, high school, stadiums, bars, clubs and of course, at home. It is just amazing how people condemn money and those who have it.

But you know, I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t expecting that kind of answer in that context.

You know why? For two reasons. First, because the person who said that horrible thing out load was not a journalist to their readers, not a neighbour to another neighbour, not a teacher to their classroom… but a sister to her brother.

Second, because the so-called “ambitious” was a person that was earning much less than what he really should have be earning. He was earning almost slave wages, considering the kind of job he was doing, and the conditions around it.

So, imagine my reaction. How in the world could a sister that loves her brother, her own blood, make such a statement? She was judging him as a “bad person” because he wanted to have a better life, to use his time more efficiently, to have more money to live the life the way he deserved it!

Then he told me, “but I don’t want to make money doing nothing. I want to make money by working hard”. He felt guilty about wanting to have more money after talking with her sister, so “working hard” was his justification to feel a little better.

And that’s why I felt so eager to talk about Relationships. (I told you it would be a shaking post!)

Let me tell you something here. You don’t have to justify your reason for wanting more money. You don’t have to justify your reason for wanting to do, be or have anything at all. You already deserve it, and what anyone else is doing or thinking about it is their problem, not yours.

Now, this kind of situations happens every day, every hour, every minute all around the globe. People, for several reasons and with different intents, do the “smart” thing: they encourage others, or manipulate them, or make them feel uncomfortable about their dreams, about money, about being successful, about being happy… about everything you can think of. And maybe you are prepared to receive a comment like that and laugh about it…

But it is most likely you are not.

That’s why it is extremely important to build wise relationships and apply critical thinking.

You know, I’m sure this girl wanted to help her brother by making him “realize” that he was being a <bad> person. So that way he could get back to follow the “correct” path, the path of hard work, sacrifice and all of that stuff, just like anyone else. A lot of people do that because of this reason: they want to be of assistance. They sincerely want to help, from an honest and deep desire to make Good.

But you know what? that’s not your problem.

Maybe you’ve been in one of these situations. Maybe you were the brother of this example, or perhaps you tried to help like his sister, by letting someone else down. It doesn’t matter, really. What really matters is what you are gonna do now. What kind of person would you like to be now? That’s all that matters.

So, if you want to live a happy life, you must be selective about what kind of people you relate to, at all levels. Of course, there are people that you can’t just simply make out of your life.

But it is your job to orchestrate your time, so you can share your time mostly with the “convenient” ones.

Remember, the quality of your life is depending upon this decision. To be more accurate, your bank account is also depending upon this decision.

Now, let’s go to the next question: Well Leila, it is an interesting topic, but how do I recognize the “convenient” people in my life?

And the answer is well, it is easy, you see. They support your projects. They respect your ideas, how you feel, and your way of living. They help you by offering different options. They are gentle to you, always. They embrace your ideas, even when they don’t completely agree with them. They respect you, nurture you… and most important,

They make your heart sing!

Remember, there is a huge number of people being lower down by others. Don’t be one of them, and don’t be the people that lower them down, either! You deserve much more than that.

I know I’ve written a lot!, I just want to add one little thing, and that is about my last article, Do you really want to be happy all the time?. It is a good example of that article. Why? because this little interchange made me feel bad at first, since I felt like I couldn’t do anything to help him. But in that exact moment I realized that I was asking with such clarity what I really wanted for this world. And I know now, with more clarity than ever before, what I want for him and for everyone. Do you know what I want?

I want everyone to be happy, to feel alive, to have tons of money, to live fully their own Freedom. I want everyone, everyone, to know their own Grace.

And I need you with me to make it happen.

How can you help me? (You don’t have to really, but it will be of great benefit for you). Help me by acknowledging your own Grace. Share your message with the world, expect only the best, let your dreams come true, and…

Be around great people!

So, Do you have good relationships in your life? And here is a bonus:

Are you a person you would like to have in your life?

Be happy, no matter what 😉



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