Making a difference

Welcome back! How are you today? Ready for some thought-provoking words? 😉

Just like you, I have some great people on my twitter account, both as people I follow and followers. And I recently read about a donation made by becamebetter (Phil Echols is the guy behind the scene). So I replied that it was a huge contribution to our society.

Why? you might ask. Well, it wasn’t a million dollar donation, but it was a contribution of time, focus and love, a well-intended donation made by some wonderful people with the intent of better this world.

We need more of these things, you know? They are not little things, they are huge things.

When you hear someone saying things like “change the world”, “make things happen”, “make a difference”, what do you think of?

Exactly. You think in million-dollar fundations, multinational companies and global movements with thousands of volunteers.

But you know what? All the global, multinational movements with thousands of volunteers can not do what individuals with focus and intent can.

Yes, just like you and me.

What would happen if every person had the willingness to dedicate a little of their time, knowledge and love to a cause it’s worth it?

This is what would happen. More children would have something to eat. More sick people would feel supported and loved, so they could get better faster. More orphans would live a happy life in a beautiful family. There would be less stress, and more happy people…

More people would feel empowered and alive.

You know, we don’t need the government to satisfy all our needs, or the Ancient Gods to supply for us.

We just have to come to the realization that our time, knowledge and love can make a difference.

I deeply appreciate the work of people like Phil Echols, and I wish the same for everyone.

So… Make a difference!, you can. Right where you are.

But not because it’s your Christian duty, or because it is your responsibility as a member of your society, or because you “should” for some reason.

Do it because in the doing so, your heart will sing as you touch other’s.

You are bigger than you think, and can do more than your mother, sister, teacher or boss says you can.

Live big 😉



One comment

  1. Thanks so much Leila! I appreciate the kind words and the message of inspiration. How great would the world be if we all strived to make ourselves a little better each day? Live Big. Cheers!

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