Let the world fall in love

Hi there! Today I have not 1, but 3 questions for you. Ready? Good. So here they are, dear!, the Questions of The Day:

Did you know you are absolutely fabulous?

Did you know your message is also absolutely fabulous?

Did you know all I am saying is absolutely true?

Ok ok, we have enough questions already here. But it’s a good pack of questions, in my opinion.

No? ok then, let me ask you another question: How often do you take a time aside to think about you, your possibilities, your power and your worthiness?

I can almost hear what you are thinking! Not much time right? (Yes, I am a psychic!) 🙂

So, let’s get back to our thought-provoking questions:

Did you know you are absolutely fabulous?

Did you know your message is also absolutely fabulous?

Did you know all I am saying is absolutely true?

You probably doubt it, but it is all true.

So why do I say all of this?

I say it because I am sure you don’t think you are fabulous. And, if you don’t think you are fabulous, it is very likely you don’t think your message is also fabulous.

And I think it is time for you to awaken.

You can be a very successful business owner or an admired priest or an incredible father, and still feel unfulfilled… because there is a message you need to share that you are not sharing.

We are talking about important stuff here.

So it’s time to look at your life and see if everything is ok. Are you doing what you want to do? (I mean, what you really want to do).

Are you sharing your message? Are you living your life at your own terms?

If not, it is time to close your eyes, open your heart, and fulfil your reason for being.

Because, until you decide to live your life the way you intended (which means that you share your message with the world and feel happily alive!), you’ll continue to wake up every morning with an awful, awful, awful feeling that lets you know there is something missing in your life.

Not a good way to wake up every morning, don’t you think?

So, let the world know your message. Let the world fall in love with your message, with your music, your seminars, your voice, your ideas, your smile, your jokes or whatever thing you enjoy doing.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Do only the things you really enjoy doing. That’s the difference between a joyful, happy life and an awful, awful, awful existence.

I’d like to add one more thing. You are not the only one that needs your message out there. The world needs your message too. The world needs you inspired, empowered and alive.

So, now that you know that you are absolutely fabulous, that your message is absolutely fabulous and that all I am saying is true, what are you gonna do?

I need you inspired 😉



One comment

  1. Lovely blog Leila.I was just thinking about what my message and you lovely comment popped up on my blog. Very cool!!! Thanks

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