A New Standard to feel Inspired, Empowered and Alive

Hello beauuutiful ppl! It is nice to have you again. I’m so excited to talk to you about this topic.

Do you have a cup of coffee with you? 🙂

This time our conversation is about money!… and other stuff. And of course, with a nice aftertaste: critical thinking.

I always say that money is not so different than the other things in life, and really, it isn’t! so I’ll talk about money AND the other stuff, so you can get an idea of what I am saying: that everything is just the same, and requires almost the same treatment.

Ready? Good. Let’s talk about standards, specifically of what is enough. In some way, enough of something is the exact “amount” of something, an “amount” that is accurate, suitable, even fair.

Now, that was some kind of definition, we put some words for this concept. But in a practical way, humans have a hard time defining “enough”, because you know… not everyone agrees about how much is enough of something. Not only about money, but about everything.

So, some people think that it is enough to have 2 kids, and some people think it is enough to have one car. And others think that it is enough to have one lover, while others think that it is enough to have 100 spouses.

We call it “people standards”.

Interesting, right? What is enough and everything else always depend on culture. And when it comes to define how much is enough, almost always there is a difference of an opinion that goes from a simple discussion to a big war. Literally.

The question is, who gets to define how much is enough of something? In other words,

Who gets to define the standards of life?

In regards to money, you can be depraving yourself of the abundance you deserve to have because of this “enough” thing based upon standards.

Let’s introduce an example. So, the President of the company you work for could be thinking that your position is $4000 worth, so that’s what you get every month. But… your boss could be thinking that your job has a value equivalent to $5000-$6000, and you can be thinking that your work should be somewhere between $10000-$12000 (or $2000. A lot of people would say their work is worth less than what they are paid for).

Who gets to decide? And based upon what standards? Think about it.

Market usually is the “standard” for work and money. So if you are paid $3000 a month, that means the market right now is in a range that goes from $2500 to $3500 or $4000. So that’s very likely what everyone is earning right now.

And my question, as always, is to call you to a place of critical thinking, empowerment, and self-worth. Ready?

If there is not a way to perfectly define what a family is, or what kind of roof a house should have, or how many contents a career should offer, then, how are your life standards being defined?

Who gets to define your lifestyle? Who is doing so? And what are you doing in all of this? Are you defining your own standards? If not, who is doing your job?

Take a deep breath.

If you don’t define it, you are probably living by other’s standards. Your boss’s  standards. Your religion’s standards. Your husband’s standards.

I care about your growth and success, so I’ve got to tell you something you may not want to hear, but it is my responsibility to open your eyes. Hear this:

If you are not living based upon your own, personal standards, it just means one thing:

You are living the life of others, not your own life.

(Read that again.)

You are being paid the salary of someone else, not yours… having the marriage of someone else, not yours… the list goes on.

You can be living your mom’s life in regards to financial success, your best friend’s life in regards to parenting, and your spiritual master’s life in regards to… fill the blank.

Listen. I don’t know how you are managing your life, and I’m not encouraging you to stop doing what you are doing…

if you are living your life at your own terms, AND

if you are making the money you want to make.

But if you are not, my desire is to call you home. To call you where you belong: an inner space of freedom, satisfaction and joy.

So today I’d like to invite you think about this and see if you are up to speed with the kind of life you want (and deserve).

Ask yourself:

*What is important to me?

*Who is defining my own standards?

*What is enough for me?

*What do I need to change or improve?

I’ll give you a little extra help here:

#1: No matter how much money you are earning, you deserve more.

#2: No matter how much you love them, it is your life, not theirs.

Think about it, share it. Discuss it. And as always, arrive to your own conclusions.

I want to see you inspired, empowered and alive 😉



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