So, what is -really- stucking you?

So, what is it? Do you have any idea of what could that be?

Let me help you in this:

What is stucking you is fear.

And fear comes from a place of misunderstanding of Who You Are.

Who you are is big, and ever-evolving, and great, and worthy. You are intelligence, freedom, you are Power itself.

And only when you are not aware of all of that is when you feel fear, and don’t know what to do, and finally get stuck.

Sure, you may be facing some really difficult challenges in your life. But you know what?

You wouldn’t have to face them if you weren’t strong enough, smart enough, big enough and powerful enough.

Now, it is normal to feel fear when there is no way to make sure that the result will please you at the end. In fact, everyone feels scared every time a new event takes place. But the question is, is your fear preventing you from getting what you want?

That’s the key question.

If you are doing what you love to do, enjoying the actualization of your dreams, then you are dealing just fine with fear.

But if your fear has turned into paralysis… it’s time to move on, dear.

If you feel like it’s just too much to deal with, I recommend you to work with an expert. It can be a therapist, or a coach, or a different option. Try what feels best to you.

But whether you work on it by yourself or with an expert, just do it. It is vital to your success, and to your happiness to solve it!

So next time you face fear, just laugh at it and remember that you are strong enough, smart enough, big enough and powerful enough.

Under those conditions, fear just can not be 😉

And tell me, now you know that what is stucking you is fear,

What are you gonna do now?

Go get your piece of the pie!



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