What would you do today if you knew you could not fail?

Hi!, this is our Question of the Day:

What would you today do if you knew you could not fail?

This is important, so take a time to think about it. And if you dare, write a list.

Alright then.

The answer to that question is nothing more, nothing less that your true potential.

Yes, your true potential.

Want some other good news?

You can do each one of the things on your list today.

If you haven’t done it yet, know that you can do it, and that the only thing that is stopping you is fear, and some mental trash picked up along the way.

It’s time to move on. Know that you can not fail. Know that there are endless resources to help you achieve what you want. They are all around you, you just have to learn how to notice them.

One of my clients once said to me that it was impossible to achieve their goal because there were no resources, no solutions at all.  

The thing is, I found 9 ways to solve that problem in less than 5 minutes. And then, my client was able to find another 11 solutions more. So it was a breakthrough for her, because not only was she able to achieve her goal, but something even more important happened:

She realized she had no limits, and was able to live a life with no limits. A life beyond her imagination.

So that’s what I want from you, that’s where I want to get you here: You have no limits. You have resources now, right now, available to you. You just need to do one thing. Ready?

You’ve got to move your feet, and keep going.

Read that list again. It’s a sacred list. It’s a list that says that you have big dreams, and that you can do it.

And now that you know that you can not fail, what are you gonna do?

Make it happen ;),



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