How to take advantage of changes

Today is April 30th. I’ve been out for a little while, one month to be more accurate, and for a very good reason! Well, 2, really.

First, I am a new brand Aunt of two beautiful, adorable twins, and they are a lot of work! :). Second, I’ve been working on my last project, which is almost complete: . It will be all done and ready to go in a few days, as I still working on tech and visual aspects.

These 2 new scenarios made me think about a good discussion, so I hope you are ready!

Question of the Day:

Are you taking advantage of changes?

Changes change us. Sometimes it seems like things happen but even though we experience them, they don’t affect us. But this is not true. When something happens, and we get involved with it in some way, we change as a result. It doesn’t matter if we experience a situation second-hand or witness something; it modifies our understanding of life, our point of view, and our life as a whole.

Remember any situation that you witnessed, anytime. You remember it because you thought about it. That situation caused a reaction in your mind, and that reaction in your mind may have caused you to create a new pattern of thought, positive of negative (in terms of your well-being).

Now, if everything affects you in some way, then the question is: how are you changing as a result of your exposure to life? In other words, are you changing for good or are you using your new experiences to prevent yourself of a life full of joy?

Make sure every little piece of your life is providing you of benefits. Your life must make you grow, expand and become more. Or better said, make sure you are using your life to provide you of benefits and become more.

My new role as an Aunt provided me with expansion and marvellous opportunities, and added me more things to do, care about, and think at the same time. I can choose to take advantage of the opportunities it provides me, or I can choose to complain about the sides that I am not completely in alignment with. It is my choice, and I’m choosing wisely.

And what about you? Are you choosing wisely? 😉

Go for it,



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