A secret key to success most people dont know

So, here is the Question of the Day:

Are you in need?

Randy Gage, one of my singular mentors, a brilliant critical thinker, a powerful leader, a man who has always been of great inspiration to me, has decided to take a sabbatical.

That means: no more inspiration coming from him from now on, until his return, which is unclear. I must go on with my life without a huge channel of inspiration, as other hundred thousand people, probably more.

The thing is, life can be very complicated if you are in need of something or someone. Imagine, right here and now a few thousand people, maybe 5 thousand or more are feeling overwhelmed because of this new scenario. They don’t know what to do. They are stuck. They have made a big, big mistake in regards to Success…

They depend on someone else to provide for them. They are addicted to a specific result. They are attached to something that is over their control.

You can not be in need of a specific result (someone providing solutions/advice for you in this case), because you lose power. The more you are in need of a specific result (things happening exactly as you want to, people acting exactly the way you want to), the more vulnerable you are, because…

Because one day something can go wrong (not as you expected), and you can find yourself just like in this case: overwhelmed, stuck, and not knowing where to turn to.

Success is not gonna happen this way.

So, one of the Keys to Success is something a little hard to swallow at first for everyone, but once you understand this principle, you go right to the top faster than ever before:

If you want success, never, never, NEVER NEED anything.

Ask yourself, right here and now, is there anything I need right now? Break free of that person, situation or result. Want it, but don’t need it. Reach the place where you love that thing, that job, that person, that option, that Plan A, but you are ok if it is not there. Recover your power.

That way you are more close to high success that you may think.

So tell me, are you in need? 😉




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  2. Hernan

    Hi Leila! I think we always need somebody, the problema is how important that person is in your life. It can be your mother, your teacher, your lover…

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Hernan. I personally believe that, as humans, we´ll always have many significant others in our lives, just like you said, and it´s a good thing. But when you need someone,you can´t love them at the same time. When the necesity takes place, it is hard to love because you begin to try to control things (and it doesn´t feel good). But when you love someone and don´t expect them to act in a certain way, that´s when you truly begin to experience real freedom: you don´t need something or someone to be happy, you just are. Have a great week 🙂

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