The Best Way to Help Millions of people

This morning I heard of a family that is in a rush to get $90.000 to pay a cirugy that will allow their 8-year old son to live a more satisfying and joyous life. They have only 10 days left to get the money. And it made me think about our relationship with money, as humans, as socities.

Someone close to me said that it was so unfair, that little boy with not enough money while there are so many jerks making millions out there.

This way of thinking is so detrimental. Of course there are jerks with tons of money, but there are also jerks with no money at all. I know many. Having money doesn´t make you a jerk, nor an angel.

But here is the thing. When you are wealthy, you can do way more good than when you don´t have a penny. You can help this family and this boy. You can even create a foundation against cancer if you want. Or 100 of them.

Would you like to live the rest of your life thinking that life is so unfair, or would you rather like to have money to fully enjoy the only life that was given to you?

Think about it. Let´s go beyond health. Wouldn´t you like to have money to produce The Advengers or Iron Man? and bring fun and pleasure to millions of people? those movies have been seen by people with and without money, by sick and healthy children, by all kinds of people.

Those movies touched the hearts of millions. Changed history. Setted up new standards.

Life is not only about getting degrees and having a day job. If there weren´t for money, all of these creations that surround us would not exist. You and I would be sorrounded by grasp and cows. Or probably by dinosaurs.

You cannot live in a world like that. We´ve asked for more, that´s why we have all of these magnificent options: because we wanted to experience more life, so deeply so intensely. And as we asked, we received. And continue receiving.

To have money, or to have more money, or to not have money, it´s all your choice. It´s up to you. There are millions of people that have decided to live a life of poverty, by choice. They chose that kind of life and also their future, and probably the future of their heritage, just because “it is bad to have money”.

You can choose that life too, as you are not forced to be rich. You can follow a certain priest or prophet that says that life must be lived only by obedience, sacrifice and hard work.

But I must call your attention at this point. That´s not your only choice. No mouths will be feed just because you decide to have less stuff and less joyful experiences. No more help will be created to assist families in need. You are not going to stop poverty, nor end war.

But you can create wealth, and help good people get more resources to do more good. The more you have, the more you can give.

So, this is my advice for you. Help the world become better. Don´t do the easy thing of just leaving the game. The world needs you, needs your willingness and your money. So be rich, do more, live BIG. Be an example so those who don´t have resources can be inspired by you and create them.

But that´s my choice and my advice for you. The world wants to know…

What is your choice?




  1. Perfect example that money is simply a tool – spot on article, well done!

    • Thank you, Alex! Your story is also amazing. From a place of debt and desperation to becoming a best-selling author? Wow. How inspiring that is. Hope to hear from you soon. Keep it up 😉

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