Beyond Fashion: Learning to Love Your Body

With Marilyn (Monroe) showing up everywhere, a lot of patterns just vanished into the cosmos, and we became very aware of something: it was good to be a sexy woman. What happened next?

Boom!, the industry of Sex Appeal faded in with hundreds of products for the sexy  (meaning: attractive) woman.

A big change was made in our minds. That was in the 60`s.

Time passed, and then it was time for bigger players. So, Madonna comes in. And while Michael (Jackson) was making the crowd beg for more style and dance, in the 80`s not only women were absolutely aware of the importance of cultivating an image able to let everybody amazed and down-to-their-knees, but something even more interesting happened:

Man also became aware of what a good thing sex appeal is, thanks to Levi’s.

The 90`s just amplified the effects of fashion, making us more aware of looking good while feeling great.

But although our patterns have changed and so ourselves as a result, there is still one big debt we owe and must talk about: the way we treat our bodies.

It is a discussion that goes beyond fashion, even beyond health. As evident as it is that we care about the aspect of our bodies, it becomes even more evident its undeniable reason: to feel attractive to others.

Now, in terms of personal development, our focus must be a different one:

What about taking care of our body cause we love it, instead of doing it because we’ll get something in exchange?

Think about it for a moment. What you are actually doing while trying to get the attention is trying to please others. Not a good premise to live by, really.

The body is such a magnificent instrument for life, but since we are so accustomed to it we don’t really get how important it is to love and appreciate it. Let’s take a look at some of the things your body does for you:

You are able to eat and taste the flavour of your meals because your body connects tens of thousands of functions to receive and process your meals. You can walk, run, have sex, cook, sing and move every part of your body thanks to its huge neurological system. You can think, offer an opinion, argue, create solutions and more because of the complexity of your brain. And more important than that, you can feel emotions and actually feel alive thanks to your body.

How huge that is! So, my question is, are you treating your body as the magnificent friend it is? Or are you simply taking care of how it looks in order to please others?

Think about it. You see, there is a tremendous difference between loving and appreciating your body and only looking at how it looks. When you love it, the overall feeling that emanates from you is one that makes you feel at the top of the world, because you are One with one of the most important parts of You. (Mind, Body, Spirit, remember?)

And then… your body is at its highest potential. What does it mean? It means more health and less sickness. It means faster recovering from injuries. It means less stress. It means more ability and flexibility. It means more power to play sports. It means feeling alive, and no matter what is going on out there, no matter if he or she is looking at you or not, you feel absolute empowered, inspired and alive.

So tell me, are you treating your body as the magnificent friend it is? Or are you simply taking care of how it looks in order to please others?

Until we meet again,



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