About me

My name is Leila Hoffmann. I believe that everyone has the right to live a life of Abundance, so I devote myself to help people achieve Financial Success, which is really one of the most effective ways to live True Freedom. I also help people to share their message with the world, and to live fully their own Greatness.

I only write about stuff that is really important in this blog. Do you know what is really important?

Happiness is really important. Also are Freedom, Joy and Abundance. All of the other things are just ways we’ve created to try to achieve them. But they are really the business of Life.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable when talking about this stuff, and that’s my indicator that I’m doing the right thing.

Sometimes you’ll agree with me, sometimes you won’t. That’s phenomenal. It is not my goal to convince you of my point of view but to make you think, to challenge your belief system, to encourage you to arrive to your own conclusions. So question what I say, apply critical thinking. That will set you free. (And will make me very happy!)

Take a look at my About.me Page: http://about.me/leilahoffmann

Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/leila_hoffmann

Live your life the way you intended 😉


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